Monday, July 5, 2010


Tiamat, the Mesopotamian god of primordial chaos, would seem likely to be comfortable in our house these days. We have had houseguests since Saturday. The previous Saturday-Tuesday, Mary and I traveled to Oklahoma to get Keri. The Thursday and Friday before that, we had more houseguests, and, the Thursday through Sunday before that, we had still more houseguests. -whew-

Before I rest, though, I have to think through further chaos...Henry, the corgi, Skye, the Border collie mix, and Jip, the Jack terrier mix, live here. So do Four Socks (inside) and Dinah (outside.) Then we have the orphans; Nero and Zoe. Those last four contribute cat hair to the mix. Two horses, two goats and assorted poultry figure in there, too.

Yes, I've been washing towels daily, and cooking for at least 12 for three meals a day, and cleaning constantly, in between loads of laundry, garden work, and critter care. And then there's the towel washing.

In there, also, we had a couple of rainstorms. No, I have not had time to get all the mud up off of the floors.

I should be a looney woman.

But I have been blessed with flexible houseguests who eat whatever I put before them, and sleep wherever their head is lying at bedtime. I have wonderful family who pitch in and clean or cook whatever needs doing. (Although Ethan did sneak out of town before we woke this morning; he's off on a short CAP adventure.)

So, Tiamat, begone! Our lives and our home are under control and happy. Take that, you monstrous mother of sea serpents, dragons and merpeople!!


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