Monday, December 6, 2010

Ahhh.....Another peaceful, relaxing weekend.


It started with snow. Finally, a measurable snowfall. Only about 4", but enough to get the kids outside for an afternoon, enough to have to shovel off the cars, enough to make farm chores just a bit more complicated.

Then comes the cold. The high pressure, low pressure, whatever (I was never really good at meteorology) that comes after a snowstorm brings with it wind and low temperatures. Today's HIGH will be close to 18F. Right now it's 6F. Wind chills should bring us down below 0F. Some people would tell us that the horses should be in all day, but they're not. That's why they have fur coats, after all.

Miss Mary performed in our church's Boar's Head Festival this weekend. Her experiences remind me why we homeschool...and that's all I'm gonna say about that!! We also hosted a friend from Wisconsin, who wanted to see the Festival in hopes of bringing one to her congregation.

And today we're back to normal...whatever that is. Up at 7:30, first load of laundry in and critters fed before breakfast, computer time and cleaning/organizing to follow. A day in the life!!

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Elisha said...

I am so very happy that you are blogging again. You were missed!