Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas...from Afghanistan

I am often asked how I "can let" my kids be in the military. This question comes from well-meaning supporters of the war, who, nonetheless, worry about the young men and women sent far from home to work and maybe die in our behalf. I am also asked this by those who look with disdain upon our military as bloodthirsty glory hounds.

Although outside my house is a beautiful, peaceful snowfall and God's creation is singing soft carols in anticipation of the feast, the plain fact is that the feast is made necessary by the dark evil that lives within us all. Sin and its effects on this world, sickness, war, death, and all the rest, not only requested but required that an atonement be made. That atonement began with the birth of a baby, continued with the gory death of a young man, and ended with his shocking resurrection. I know, I know, it sounds more like Easter, but, much like we probably wouldn't have had World War II without World War I, we wouldn't have Easter joy without Christmas blessings.

So, quoting DBS, I wish for you and yours a sweet remembrance of the deeper reasons for the season. Please take time to remember those, whether you're grateful or not, who do hard work in your name, all over the globe. This is not the hymn I thought I'd be posting this morning, but it's definitely worth your time. Thanks to my friend, Kay Maiwald, for yet another special offering.

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