Wednesday, December 22, 2010

To Write, or Not To Write...

I'm talking about a family Christmas letter.

Years ago, I received 2 or 3. I like them. I like hearing what my friends are up to, even if (maybe especially if) they are friends I don't see very often. Others may complain about the bragging, the whining, the my-kid-is-better-than-your-kid-ness of those things, but I don't mind. I call it an education into the humanity of us all.

Well, years ago, I wrote personal notes inside my Christmas cards. Although I liked those Christmas letters, I hadn't yet gotten myself to the point where I could write one. Our move to the country, and the ensuing chaos that came along with kids in three different schools, critters in various stages of growth, a house to maintain and the work of just plain drawing breath, I decided I would write one.

The reviews, meaning comments from friends during the next year, were surprisingly positive. They liked me! They really liked me! This encouraged me, and I have spent many falls since then writing a concise rundown of each year.

About 5 years ago. for whatever reason, I got really busy and didn't get a Christmas letter done. I sent one out shortly after New Year's, but got many teasing comments from those same friends about my "Belated Christmas greetings." Hey, folks, news flash. While modern secular culture doesn't get it, Christmas is a season which begins on December 25, and ends on January 6. So, in that light, a card sent on January 2 is still a Christmas card.

But, I suppose, sending them out around the 4th of July, which I have considered, would be pushing it.

Two years ago, I returned to writing notes inside the Christmas cards. Some of what I wrote was a "stock" paragraph reviewing the year. The rest was personal stuff that the recipient would understand. But it took me more time than I had last year, so, no cards last year.

Now that I am (supposed to be) confined to my sofa for a few weeks, it should be easy-peasy for me to get my Christmas cards done this year. But...It's been tough, finding time. In fact, I haven't yet. So, if you get a card from me, and you get it after New Year's, keep in mind that, in my little world, Christmas begins on December 25 and ends January 6. 'K?

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