Monday, January 17, 2011

The Sound of Music

Lately, our house has been filled with the sound of...well, you figure it out. CAST, the local student theater company, presented this play this past weekend. Miss Mary had 3 small roles; she was in the nuns' chorus

and she appeared as a winner at the Festival held at the end of the story.

But the highlight of her experience--or at least her parents'--was the Ball held mid-play. She and her dad learned to waltz, and to dance the Laendler, a "folk dance" utilized in The Sound of Music. (No such dance really exists; sorry if I burst your bubble about that one, but it was invented for the play.)

I got some very grainy, blurry video of the dancing that I'm going to share here. I really do need a different camera! The first video is of the waltz. Mary and John are in about the center of the stage; she is the second girl from the left wearing a light dress. They are blocked at times throughout the video by another couple.

The second is of the Laendler. Mary and John are to the far right of the screen.

They really enjoyed this production. John's even considering working with the next one; Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. This show will be an opportunity for adults, 15-???, to appear on stage. He hasn't specified if he'll be on a technical crew...or auditioning for a part.

But Mary will be auditioning for next January's student production; The Wizard of Oz!