Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Farm Report

Winter plods along into March. I think March is my least favorite month of the year, despite the fact that my oldest child and my second grandchild were both born in March. The mud and the grey skies....-sigh-

But, then again, March is when spring starts. I don't just mean that the spring equinox comes then. March 1 I will cover my first two garden beds with tarps, so they can gather heat, thaw out, and be ready for planting at the first of April with the broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage I'll start this week. The first week of March, I will pull down all the greenery I had up for winter, and replace it with silk pansies. The snowmen will come off of the kitchen shelves, and bunnies and chickens will take their place. I'll change out the framed winter pictures for framed spring pictures. Days will get longer, and not just artificially, because of CDT, but because the Northern Hemisphere will continue to slowly, slowly, "point" more toward the sun. I always find it funny that that ends on the summer solstice. I mean, isn't summer all about long, hot days? Ah, well, let's not jump the gun.

So, all in all, March, despite it's mud and raw weather, is a good thing. I'll enjoy these last two days of February, but I'm looking forward to changing the calendar come Tuesday!!

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