Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Farm Report

I'm reporting off the farm today. Mary and I are attending a Regional Horse Bowl competition. Our group is small; about 7 girls, compared to the group next to us, which is more than 20. All the girls are busy cramming their heads with horsey facts. "A gene characteristic that produces only one kind of gamete is called?" "What are the two mounted riders called in a cutting competition that hold the herd behind the cutter after the cutter has selected the cow to cut?" "Where are warts usually found on young horses?" "What is the benefit of using a bowline knot?" "How many bones compose the forearm of the horse and what are their names?"

How would YOU do?

The prize for the winners today is representing our region at the State competition next month.

In other farm news, two garden beds are covered with tarps, warming for planting next month. Baby broccoli, Chinese cabbage, just plain cabbage and cauliflower are sprouting inside. Potatoes and a cherry tree are ordered. And, as always, compost is cooking!

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