Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Homeless No More!

Last night, as I snuggled in to watch Lost, the phone rang. Heidi said, "Melody, do you think you'd like a hen?"

Seems a friend of a friend of hers had found this hen walking down a city street. Not a small town street, but a Chicago street. (Melrose Park, to be specific.) These friends worked together, and had asked a Chicago cop what they could do. "Put it in a box, and toss it in the dumpster." Well, that did not sit well with them, so they called Heidi.

"Sure, Heidi," I said. But how would I get it? I'm a nice person, but I was not driving into the city for ONE hen. (Although we did that once for 8 Black Java chicks hatched at the Museum of Science and Industry...but I digress.) Heidi said, "Well, she works there, but lives here, so she'll bring it home tonight. Except she won't be here until after 11. Is that a problem?" "Nah. I'll just stay up and watch more Lost."

So, about 11:15, Erma arrived. Erma is most likely a meat bird, not a laying hen. In fact, she was found with her wings tied; most likely trussed for butchering, which she probably fought vehemently enough that she managed to escape. When found, she was walking down a street, and, when the finder called out, "Here, chicken," she walked right over, as if they were old friends.

So now she has a new home, and a new job. Remember these guys?

Well, I moved Erma into our chicken hut today. Shortly after, I moved the chicks in with her. She looked at me as if to say, "What the heck am I supposed to do with them?" I told her, "They're yours to take care of. Don't let me down."

About half an hour later, I went to check on them. She was helping them find some yummies along the wall.

I think she figured out what to do with them.

You know, Erma could be an Edward. I'm not good at sexing chickens until they crow, which this bird won't be ready to do for a couple of months yet. Someday I'll tell you about my rabbit-sexing fiasco.


Cheryl said...

Melody, have I told you lately what a good writer you are? When are you going to put all these farm posts in a book?

Suzanne said...

Ha, Ha. "Rabbit-sexing fiasco"! We had a Roborovski Hamster fiasco of the same sort a few years ago. Darn rodents are so tiny, you can't tell what they are. Evidently they are also fertile again immediately after giving birth..

Melody said...

Thank you, Cheryl. Coming from you, that's high praise.