Thursday, September 8, 2011

Interesting ...

Up the hill from us sits a pretty house. It's owners are in the Air Force Reserve, and are deployed at the moment. It's been sitting empty for about a year. They keep telling us someone is going to rent out parts of it, but that hasn't happened.

This morning, after dropping Mary off at school, working out, and hitting the fish market, I was sitting in the dining room, reading e-mail and doing some modest web surfing. I kept hearing conversation, music and other sounds. My initial thought was that someone was doing some work at the house on the hill. My secondary thought was that I wished they had picked better music to work by...

When I was done with the e-mail thing, I went out to feed the critters. I realized that the noises I was hearing were coming from our barn, where the radio was turned on. Hmmm...Odd...I hadn't been out there since last night. I asked around, and found that no one else had, either, except Mary, who tells me she didn't turn it on.

That leaves two possibilities. One is that she's not being truthful. However, our oldest son arrived about 1:30am from Michigan, because he left today for his National Guard drill and needed to be here bright and early. He told me that he didn't hear anything when he got here, so that tells me Mary didn't leave it on.

The other possibility is that some animal tripped the switch last night. They probably got the scare of their life! My money is on a raccoon, since the doggone things are always trying to make my life miserable. And that music went a long way toward doing that this morning!!

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