Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Life can be complicated. You have to do all the right things; eat properly, exercise, love on those you love. But you also have to make a living, take care of the things in your life, interact with others. There are only 24 hours in the day (which came as quite a surprise to me the other day! I had been working under the assumption that there were 36! Explains a lot!)

Discipline helps get these things done. Eating properly assumes eating the right foods and the right amounts of those foods. Exercise means finding a workable regimen of exercises that need to be performed properly, to avoid injury that would keep you from exercising. Loving those you love can be the trickiest thing, because those you love may not always be lovable. Making a living often gets in the way of taking care of the things in your life and of interacting with others.

And there's that pesky 24-hour limit. -sheesh-

I've been trying, since Mary started school in September, to arrange my days in some sort of disciplined schedule. It gets tougher and tougher every year, as more and more things pull on me from more and more directions. Some of those things are frivolous; I missed a movie I really wanted to see. Some are not; my dad needed a ride to the doctor. In the end, some things get done well and some do not. I suppose that's part of the sinfulness of a fallen world.

This is all by way of explaining why, rather than losing 10 pounds between October 15 and November 30, which was my goal, I gained 3. Well, I gained 6, but lost 3 in that time. -sigh- I wonder if I'll ever lose weight again.

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