Saturday, November 26, 2011

Homeward Bound

Today we leave Grandma and Grandpa's and head home. It's been a relaxing weekend, and we've even managed to learn a few things.

The critter-raising, home-cooking, can-the-jam things that I do are apparently part of a movement. Who knew that I would start a trend? I was just trying to make good, healthy stuff for us, because buying the good, healthy stuff was breaking the bank.

Acid reflux, one of my demons, is aggravated by chocolate, peppermint, alcohol and caffeinated drinks. Guess which of the four I could live without? Guess which of the four is the only one that actually helps my GERD? Yeah, me and peppermint. Quite the team.

My youngest two kids still drive me crazy when they get together. Can't. Stop. Poking, even at 21 and 16. But it also warms my heart. Aren't siblings supposed to hate each other?

Thanksgiving. It's not always about the turkey.

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