Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Farm Report

Yep...I'm back! At least for today.

Today was a busy, tiring day in which we accomplished many things. Our grandchildren are here, visiting their dad. We visited a bit this morning, and then Mary and I headed out to the feed store and a driving lesson. She's been through drivers' ed, and was planning to get her license this week. Last week, however, she told me that she doesn't feel as confident as she'd like, so we're doing a little more practice. She worries too much; she does fine! Even in her little Ranger, which is a stick, she handles herself well. She's a decent driver, and, with a little time, will be a very good one.

After breaking the bank buying horse bedding, steaks for tonight and lunchmeat, we came home to serve that lunchmeat and start our afternoon fun. Over the years, we've collected a nice collection of firewood. It was, however, scattered in various places around the farm, and I wanted it brought together. The boys, who were all home today, helped their dad with that, while I cleaned stalls, stirred compost and fed critters. After work, we all trouped inside for hot chocolate, nachos and salsa, and NAPS. I think the neat woodpile looks lovely, but the loveliest part of the day? That nap!!

Supper was steak, baked potatoes and veggies. After cleanup and jammies, we are now parked in front of Star Wars: Episode V. That's The Empire Strikes Back. It never gets old!!

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Elisha said...

Welcome Back! I was so pleased to wake up this morning and see you had posted! You are missed more than you know!