Thursday, November 24, 2011

T, or, Something to Do While You Digest Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving! Today I am giving thanks for a safe trip to Grandma and Grandpa's, and a quiet, restful day in which we are snacking through the time it takes to cook a turkey, after which we will stuff ourselves!

But enough about me. Let's talk Living Room. As promised, I'll share some quick photos I took of the poor thing. She's like the actress in A Star is Born, or a similar film. Good bones, but fading fast. She needs clothing; she's been living out of thrift stores for far too long. Something comfortable, warm and cozy, and tailored just for her.

Walking from my kitchen into the living room is this view. You're facing southeast. The large window to the left faces east; outside of it is our front yard, with trees and a little sidewalk. We plan to put sheep out there next summer; they'll graze on our septic field. Yum! The sofa is almost 20 years old. A sleeper sofa made by Englander, it's been sat on by too many Jack Russell terriers. Their little white hairs are so woven into the fabric that it looks more faded than it is. The back has worn spots where their claws, and those of our last 2 housecats, have left their marks. The sofa is headed for the curb. That wall on which the sofa sits is about 22 feet long.

Here's that south-facing window, straight on. This wall is about 13 feet long. Under that window was a shelf that held houseplants, until last spring, when Jip, our last JR, jumped up onto it and pulled it off the wall. I would like to fix the wall and restore it. I have also thought of a table under that window, but, whatever, that window is just too useful and looks too pretty with plants in it to not have something there to hold the greenery. The entertainment center is one piece of furniture that has really outlived it's usefulness. With flat-screen TV's, it seems like these things are really a piece of the past. But this one is genuinely pretty. The wood is lovely, and the finish is like satin. When the doors are closed over the TV screen, it looks a lot like an old armoire, but somehow not so bedroom-y. I'd like to use it for something. I really hate the idea of a TV in this room; it seems more of a "visiting" room to me. But the downstairs family room ceilings are too low for a tall person like me to do yoga and other stretching, so I have exercise videos and the Wii up here, so I can work out (when I lose my mind and decide that such things are important.)

This is the west wall of the living room. It's major problem is that end, with the half-wall. While it is nice to have light flowing through the living room and dining room, that little wall can be a bear to decorate around. In fact, I still haven't figure out how to do that! The chair is also on it's way to the curb. It's worn, stained, and leans to the right. It reclines, but isn't comfortable anymore.

And, lastly, the north wall. To the left is the hall to the bedrooms. Above the fireplace is Frank. He gets decorated for Christmas; he has a camo Santa cap and other assorted embarrassments to hang all over him. But it's all in good fun!

Now, all you home design types out there. What would you do with this room? I should remind you that I like the colors. The floors aren't going to change. I would prefer not to have window coverings; I like the unobstructed view. I would like a stained glass piece above the east window; something hanging like the rose windows over the south window. (Those were made by John's grandfather and served as sidelights for our front door in our last house. I couldn't leave them.) I think some rolling green hills with some pine trees on them; remember, this is Pine Ridge Farm. But, beyond that, I've got nothin'. Whadda you have?

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