Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Giving

A while back, one of our sons, while moving, cleaned out his t-shirt drawer. Having received multitudinous souvenir t-shirts from various events, he found his drawer overflowing, and decided to lighten the load. I couldn't imagine throwing away these "treasures," and, this fall, decided to make something of them.

I cut out the printed designs from the front of a few of them. I added strips of fabric taken from the shirts themselves. I sewed them together.

Some of the shirts were neat souvenirs. Some were interesting, especially since he wore them while attending a somewhat liberal community college.

I do have to admit, I was worried about this being a "lame" gift. I mean, most 21 year-old young men don't appreciate blankets. OTOH, his brother appreciated the Cavalry blanket he received one Christmas.

I added tan fleece to the sides, as a border. I was aiming for this blanket to cover him as a throw, and he's six feet tall. I was going for ginormous.

I backed it with a deep green fleece, his favorite color. I tied the quilt in several places, and it was done. On Christmas Day...

It got rave reviews. I told his brothers I could do one for each of them, also, but I need their old t-shirts...

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