Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Little Saturday Fun...

Saturday's Farm Report was delayed a bit by some socializing the folks here at Pine Ridge Farm needed to get done. So this is a Sunday edition. Which is fitting, as the Saturday Farm Report actually started on Friday...

When I headed to pick up Mary from school, I did some errands. Among them was a stop at the feed store, where I loaded up her little truck, Scout, with feed and bedding.

Now, it had rained for a couple of days before Friday. And Mary drove home. And she asked if we needed to put this stuff away. We did, as I had a hair appointment. So she drove down to the barn to unload.

Although I was in the front seat, I was distracted, and didn't even think of the consequences of such. If you've visited here before, you know of our drainage issues in front of the barn. Sure enough, there was water in front of the barn, and you may be able to guess the rest.

The weight of the feed and bedding, which dug us in, would have helped on the other end, to help us out. But she and I unloaded the stuff, partially because we needed it, and partially because the truck had to sit overnight. Dad was available to help us on Saturday, and I didn't want to take the chance of those feed bags getting wet, if it should rain again, or snow.

So, Saturday afternoon, we pulled and pushed and sat in the bed while John drove the truck out. There were some colorful metaphors uttered.

In the end, we got 'er out.

And drove away.

I didn't make my hair appointment. In case you wondered.

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