Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday Farm Report

We've had another really busy week here down on the farm. But I still managed to get a number of things done.

I finally cleaned up the front and back porches. They still had summer lawn furniture and planters lying around. I cleaned and swept and put away and cried a little, because my foot hurt.

See, every so often I have toe issues. I won't go into them in detail, but, suffice it to say, I could probably spend a couple of hundred dollars at the podiatrist, and it wouldn't hurt so much. But, no, I decide to do a little minor nail surgery myself, and then hobble around for a week or so. It's lots more fun that way.

Today I was taking my horse out of her stall and putting her in the pasture when I let my guard down and she decided to take herself for a romp through the yard. Her romps almost always make a beeline for the pasture gate, because she's a creature of habit, but it's still a little nerve-wracking to see her gallumphing her way across the front yard. Even more nerve-wracking when I can't run, but have to hobble ever so elegantly over frozen ground and puddles to catch up to her and get a rope on her. She's very accommodating, standing there by the gate while I put her halter on. She's just not so accommodating that she won't take the chance when I let my guard down!

Today is cleaning the garage so Mary's little Ranger, Scout, can get inside. We're getting tired of scraping it when I take her to school in the morning. We've also been invited to Ethan's for dinner, and to meet the girlfriend. I'd also like to get some transplanting done, of the Aloe that Threatens to Take Over the World, or at least our yard. I planted one baby aloe in one 4" pot about 5 years ago. I now have a 3' windowbox stuffed with aloes. And that's after taking half of them out about 3 years ago! This fall, I left them in the yard, and, although the ground is freezing and the pond is, too, I still have a 3' windowbox full of aloes. So, if you know me...guess what you'll be getting for Christmas!

OK, if I'm going to get these things done, I'd better get to it.

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