Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saturday Farm Report

Today dawned bright and sunny, if cold. Since yesterday was drippy and rainy, with a few flurries thrown in, just for fun, we'll take sunny and cold. I am getting tired of this. If we're going to have precipitation in December, it should be white and fluffy. And we need a good freeze. It kills off most of the worms our critters shed. I know. Eeeewww...

Happy New Year's Eve! Tonight we'll have a houseful of family, eating and watching movies, playing board games and trying some of that beer we got on the brewery tour. Until then, we're going to! Today we're having a thrift store adventure. I'll let you know of any awesome deals we find.

Beyond that, not much to report. The chickens are producing eggs like crazy, the horses are producing poop like crazy, and the dogs and cats cause us to laugh and holler in turns. Life on the farm is good.


Cheryl said...

I'm shopping today, too. Need to spend my Kohl's cash before it expires. :-)

Melody said...

We stopped in at you Kohl's before we left town yesterday. Seems my daughter had no socks when she came to your place? What a loon! Now she has 9 pairs.