Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Farm Report

It's been a mild winter here on the farm, with temps in the 40s and lettuce still greening in the garden. Sadly, I'm so accustomed to closing the garden in November that I didn't realize there was still lettuce until it froze! But it was there. These past two weeks, however, have seen the return of Old Man Winter. Cold is here again, and snow. Yesterday we had about 5" fall here, thick and heavy. The roads were a disaster, and Mary's school closed at 12:45. It was quite the trip over to get her. But the nights have been lovely. It's clear and crisp, and finally cold enough to light a fire. Curling up in front of crackling logs and good movies! We've discovered Downton Abbey, so we've added a little Edwardian class to our evenings, too.

Little lettuces are growing well, and some new orchids have been added to the collection. I'm close to becoming a plant hoarder. OK, maybe I already was. John says the women in my family have that disease. But it could be worse, sweetie. I could be collecting cats...Oh, wait. we may be on the road to that, too! Another stray has adopted our chicken house as it's occasional home. We can't approach it yet, but it's been out there on various days when we go to feed the birds.

Today I've been struggling with learning to use Pinterest. I think I'm hopeless. So I gave up on that and got all reactionary.

Yes, when the computer gives you hissy fits, there's always snail mail to help you feel in control again. A friend recently retired, so her e-mail isn't available anymore. Can you imagine a modern woman without e-mail OR a cell phone? She had those through work, and hasn't decided if she's going to get them again. So, snail mail it is.

I have a full list of plans for today, mostly centered around organizing The Daughter's bedroom and The Office. A walk is also on the agenda, and the Youngest Son and his girlfriend are due for dinner tonight. Looks like pork schnitzel, spaetzle, sweet and sour red cabbage and mashed carrots and rutabaga. Auf Weidersehen!!


Julie Middendorf said...

Enjoy your dinner- you have my mouth watering and have brought back some lovely memories. :)

Cheryl H said...

Mm, pork schnitzel... I've never tried spaetzle.
(Is that better? )