Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Farm Report

It was a long, exhausting week, but a few things did get done.

I started a new flat of lettuces. The first flat, which I pictured a week or so ago, is doing what all lettuces do in my breezeway. It's sitting there, looking at me. I plant them in good potting soil, fertilized with chicken and turkey litter, the room is 60 degrees, they're under lights, and they get the water they need. Yet they grow thin and weak, and I haven't gotten a salad out or any of them, ever. I sure wish I knew why.

I drove all over Chicagoland, as my dad visited two doctors and was hospitalized, briefly. Things are fine, but it was tiring.

We used up all the hay in our haybarn this week. It was purchased in June or July, we started using it roughly in August, and now it's gone. I picked up some more this weekend, but first I had to clean out the haybarn. We stack the hay on pallets, and loose hay falls in between and around those pallets. I rake out most of that loose hay because it rots and can cause problems when the rot spreads to the next bales. I give the hay to the chickens.

They peck and scratch and eat hay seeds and stems and turn all of that into lovely eggs with beautiful and tasty yellow yolks.

Today stalls were cleaned and chicken feed was purchased. Our grandchildren are visiting for the weekend. We've been having a great time!

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Cheryl said...

Glad your dad is okay! I hope this next week is easier and that you have a chance to relax a bit! :-)