Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Making Connections

My husband argues that making connections between disciplines is critical. Well, he's right.

Lately I've been reading this book. It is an interesting fictional account of life in Nazi Germany. Yeah, I like me some light reading.

While driving to buy lunch today, (which happens when you leave your lunch on the kitchen counter as you rush off to work) I listened to Dennis Miller. He was interviewing one of the stars of the new Three Stooges movie. (It was "Moe," if that matters to you.) In the course of the interview, a caller to the show reminded me of You Nazty Spy! which was a 1940 satire of Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler. It made Moe Howard the first actor to portray Hitler on screen. (For you nit-pickers, it came out In January,1940, before the October release date of this movie.)

I only share Part 1 here, but, if you'd like to see Part 2, it's in the sidebar when you follow the link.

I've made my cultural connection for the day. I are so wise!

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