Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Prom

I suppose it had to happen sometime. You bring home a little pink bundle, you feed and water it, it grows into a very lovely young lady. She talks about not being one of those silly girls who are all about the boys. But, eventually, one comes along and changes things. She's still not silly, but there's this boy...

And then the school announces a prom...The prom was held at the Wisconsin Dells, and involved a boat ride and a day at a water park About 40 students and dates attended. Our Korean daughter, Minah, also attended.

Mary and Ryan.

Mary and Minah.

Mary and her good friend, Ana.

Minah, being very elvish.

The little pink bundle, about grown up.

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Cheryl said...

Maybe if we stop watering and feeding them so much they'll quit growing . . . .