Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday Farm Report

Today dawned bright and sunny. And humid. It'll be in the mid-90s today. I am going shoe shopping in a nice, cool shop.

But first came a trip to the feed store, where I learned that my favorite feed is "too hard" to keep in stock, so I may be looking for a new store. Something local-ground, or even, dare I say it, organic, would be appreciated. I also visited the farm stand and bought some beautiful cantaloupe and watermelon, and corn. Corn is one of those summertime treats that I thought we would not be enjoying this summer. The drought, I thought, would make that impossible. Well, the ears aren't as fat as I'd like, but they're lovely. We'll be having them with a nice ribeye tonight...

We're down to one goat. Mary sold Hoss at auction last night. She didn't get as much as she'd like, but she sold him for a little more than the average price, and more than I usually sell them for, so I'm happy. Only Jack, the little black goat, is left, and he will have a date with destiny sometime this October. We lost a turkey this week. I think one of the dogs "played" with it. Playing with dogs is not healthy for turkeys.

Our garden is overgrowing since the rains. The tomatoes are finally starting to ripen, but most of the Romas have blossom end rot. Makes me grumpy, but makes me realize I should test the soil. We have some potatoes from the garden last week; yum! And the cucumbers have begun to produce. And the zucchini. Not that I told you that. So, if some zucchini should appear on your doorstep one morning, it was NOT me. It was NOT.

Have a good Saturday!

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