Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday Farm Report

Beautiful, sunny day. Cool, crisp fall air. A trip to the apple orchard is in the works, and it's a perfect day for it. Sadly, I'll be home, taking care of things here, while Mary and Ryan play in the autumn sun. They'd just better bring me home some cider and doughnuts!
The farm itself...well, it's in awful shape. There's just no way we would be able to accomplish what we did this year and still have it all look lovely. It's ragged and unkempt and we've lost animals to predators because of it. We started with 10 turkey poults; we'll take 4 to the butcher this Thursday, and none of them died young. They were all victims of dogs or coyotes. It's embarrassing.
Also embarrassing is the vegetable garden. Nothing has been picked in the past month, and I'm sure lovely tomatoes are rotting on the vines. I do have beautiful, full Brussels sprouts plants. Full of foliage; not a sprout on any of them.
OK, so I'm done running myself down. Must get to work. Have a good week!

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