Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Farm Report

Honestly, that title for my semi-regular farm posts is a little misleading. This is no more a farm than my kitchen is, unless you count the fruit flies growing in the yucky bucket. (That's the family term for the bowl of veggie trimmings that gets taken daily to the chickens) Right now, our little farmstead barely resembles a farm. We have a run-down little barn-thing, actually a one-an-a-half car garage, converted, that houses some animals, sometimes. We have a run-down little chicken coop that needs some major renovation. We have a saggy, baggy tented structure that holds our hay. We have a scruffy, scraggly lawn over most of our property that was mowed once this summer. We have a mostly neglected garden that needs a few days of work.

In other words, not the tidy little homestead I pictured when we moved here.

I'm hoping to change that in the spring. I need to hire a farm boy or two, and buy a tractor/mower. Then this place will be the purty, efficient place it needs to be.


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Glenda said...

Then you can say things like, "Farm boy, fetch me that pitcher."