Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday Farm Report

Today's report reports that we are off the farm!

Regular readers may remember that this blog began as a way to chronicle/discuss/share news about our middle son's deployment to Iraq in 2008. I continued it afterward, mostly because it was fun.

Well, with some trepidation, I report that its back to its original purpose. Soon our youngest son will be taking an all-expenses paid vacation to southwest Asia, courtesy of Commander-in-Chief Obama and the United States Army. We are headed into our fourth deployment, and I hope you'll follow along, in this space.

This weekend we are at a pre-deployment briefing weekend. The Guard has ensconced us in a cute hotel, and, in the morning, we'll start a round of incredibly fascinating (I'm sure!) and informative meetings about what to expect during the next year-ish. We'll drink coffee and ask questions and, in the end, head home, ready for the next phase.

We can't share any details beyond these. We'll let you know what we know when we know it, you know?

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