Monday, March 31, 2008

In Case You Haven't Seen It/Them Yet...

We've been re-watching Star Wars, Episodes 4-6 lately, so we're in a position to review I can vouch for her authenticity; she's got the story down! I heartily recommend this;

Well, that video is sure hogging space! Anyone got any suggestions for fixing that?

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Claire said...

Very cute video. I just love that little girl's expressions!

As far as the size goes... if you look at the code you used to embed the video in your post, there should be some dimensions stated in it. Just cut the dimensions back a bit (keep it equal so if you take 10 from the length do it on the width too...). You may have to do it a few times to figure it out, but once you know the size that fits your blog you can fix it with each post.

Good luck, and happy blogging.