Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday (da da) on The Farm (da da)

Anyone hearing Chicago from the 70's? No. Oh. OK. Sorry.
Yesterday I reminded myself that we don't drive the pick-up off the gravel in March or April. It tends to bury the tires in mud. And when it happens at a friend's house, where I drove to pick up hay, and blocks the entrance into their hay barn, well, um, yeah, I felt pretty stupid.
But I left it there overnight. John and I went over to get it this morning. Using a come-along and a hydraulic jack and lots of cheery teasing, the guys pulled the truck out in a little less than an hour. The good thing is I'll probably never have to go pick up hay again.
Today is chicken coop cleaning day. After a winter inside, the coop is pretty ripe on these warmish spring days. As the new week gets under way, and our temps will be 15-20 degrees higher than today, it'll REALLY be ripe in there. And once the ammonia starts rising...Well, chicken lungs don't like ammonia any better than ours do, and they're smaller. So the coop gets cleaned today. It'll
The cleaning continues inside. It's too nice to be inside all day, though. I'll be setting up a small, portable greenhouse. The lettuces and broccoli need to get out from under the grow lights, even if only to make room for tomatoes and squash. Pizza is on the menu for tonight, so there'll be a trip out for pepperoni and cheese. Hmmm...the coffee shop is near the grocery store...Sounds like a no-brainer!


elephantschild said...

Thanks for the earworm! My Dh has that album... and we've got a road trip coming up, don't we?

Polly said...

A man selling ice cream.......and singing Italian songs.........

(Searching So Long was the first dance at our wedding - I love Chicago).