Saturday, April 19, 2008

No Farm Report Today!

Because I'm not on the farm!
But, seriously, how could I not? Still swampy, still wet, but, ta-dah-dah-dah-dah!! Bill has left the building! Bill was moved to his home farm yesterday. He spent Thursday and Friday playing Houdini, escaping from the cowpen. It honestly wasn't too difficult; he just waked over. Bess, either too well-behaved or too stupid (I did NOT say that!) wouldn't follow. She just stayed there and bellowed for him to come back. Good thing we're not home; she'd be getting on my nerves about now!
Chickens are growing like weeds. They won't need heatlamps when we get home; fully feathered, they'd sweat to death! Young Mister Matthew, a friend of EP, is manning the farm this weekend. I'm thankful for him.
EP himself, as well as JP4, are "drilling" this weekend. EP is at Great Lakes with CAP, and JP4 is at an undisclosed location. His unit is preparing for deployment later this summer. Prayers would be appreciated for them.
That's about it. I really am being antisocial, so I'd best get back to the family gathering. Happy Saturday, and remember, worship tomorrow!

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