Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Farm Update

What a day! Absolutely crummy weather; very windy, cold and grey. The FURNACE is back on! Today is supposed to be fencing (not the Olympic type!) and yard work. We shall see. It's REALLY nasty out there!
Last night we had some excitement. Returning home from our moving adventure, we found Grandma is a great deal of pain. So, about 11pm, we made a trip to the ER with her. She was admitted with a bowel obstruction. This morning, her doctor visited and pronounced that she shouldn't be in the hospital. (He REALLY doesn't like to put people in the hospital.) She may be out this afternoon, in time for JP4ling#3s 4th birthday party...or she may not.
This week I lost my farming license. I killed many of my little seedlings. They were suddenly infested with little flies, so I sprayed a soapy water solution on them. The only thing I can figure is that the soap solution was too concentrated. Two days later, they were droopy and spotty. I'm still hoping they'll come back, but my hope is not very strong. At least the broccoli and lettuce were in the greenhouse. These were the tomatoes, peppers and squash.
That's about it for the Saturday farm report. I hope where you are the sun is shining and the windows are open. This being northern Illinois, we'll probably be that way tomorrow!

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