Thursday, May 8, 2008

There Be Sheep Here!

Quick--which movie?
Also quick--sleep report; a little over 7 hours! Woo hoo! I feel tons better. Eight hours tonight...

Yes, Pine Ridge Farm now houses Leroy and Rascal, two Southdown wethers who will one day grace our table and that of another family we know. I know, I know, some of you are not happy with that. But WE are.
Leroy and Rascal arrived last night. They were bred and raised by some friends of MSP's. These are reject 4H projects; not that there's anything wrong with them, there just wasn't enough right to put them in the show ring. But they're really cute and will grow really well, and, we hope, taste really great. One of these days I will learn to post MY OWN pictures. Yeah, I must confess, I am posting John's right now. And he has none, yet, of Leroy and Rascal. As you can guess, if I'm not sleeping because I'm too busy, adding in learning how to download pictures from my kinda-new camera would just take away sleep, give me more pain, and cause me to gain weight as well. And when I have fresh chocolate chip cookies in the house, I don't need another reason to gain weight!


elephantschild said...

Awww... those are lovely looking sheep.

BTW, the Fourth of July is going to be a no-go for us. :( Boo-hoo.

Melody said...

Can you just drive up for the day?
Do I sound pathetic enough?