Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tonight the middle JP4ling graduated from kindergarten. I know, I know. Some of you are wondering why or how you can graduate from something, and then continue being educated. But, please, these little boys and girls were so cute and so proud! Give them some grace.
They sang some songs to show us what they'd learned.

They listened to a short sermon which encouraged them to remember, "Jesus loves you!"
Then they got diplomas

They smiled for pictures

And continued smiling as they processed out, brand-new first graders!

But the smiling didn't stop. There were special pictures. With Daddy

With Teacher

And with a BFF!

Then it was time for a cooky and punch, and home with Daddy for bedtime.
Tomorrow she and her little brother will be here to help Daddy with a project I have him working on. Big sister is still imprisoned in school...but summer vacation is coming!


Cheryl said...

What a special day! And what a doll. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Cheryl said...

P.S. Literature class will most likely meet again on Wednesday mornings 9-10:30. (But no class the first three weeks in October, as the teacher, principal, and two students will be in Grenada!)