Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tuesday Fun

Tuesday we had another family adventure, MAP and I.
Where did we go?
What did we do?
Why are you taking my picture?

We headed to O'Hare to send this trooper back to the sandbox. -sniff-
Waiting for the plane.

And waiting; he missed the first one, and the second was delayed for an hour. It gave us time to be together, to eat lunch,

and to get our picture taken by a nice Reservist. (Who was a major, and "ordered" MAP to take a picture with his mom, so he didn't have to be embarrassed!)

And then, it was time. Couldn't hold it off any longer. (See the nice man in plaid waving MAP onto the plane before him?)

Godspeed, precious Trooper. See you in the winter.

I got three hugs and didn't cry until I was out of the terminal.
And then I cried again when I realized I had mistakenly parked in hourly parking, instead of economy.
It cost $31 to ransom the car.


elephantschild said...

And now I'm all weepy eyed, too.

If it's not the wrong airport, it's the wrong parking lot!

Elisha said...

Sorry to hear he had to go back today but glad to hear you got that extra time with him for lunch and those pictures are great.

Betsy said...

God bless America and Matthew!

Betsy (who also has a son in the sandbox)

Polly said...

Gee, just when I've made it thru the week without crying.

I hope you told M.P. about all the mommies who are proud of him.

How did he handle the R and R and the goodbye?

Melody said...

The R&R as good. He stayed out too late too many times, and was a little, shall we say, under the weather, the next morning. :) But he handled himself well and, more importantly, spent his own money!
He took me out to lunch for a belated Mothers' Day, took his sister to a movie, shot with his brother,and took his dad out for a beer. He also visited a girl in CA...
The goodbye was fine. Not too much emotion, but there were two other soldiers there. He did miss the plane because he was dawdling in the morning, and admitted that he really didn't want to go back. No fear, though; just not happy about summer in Mosul!