Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another One Hits the Road

One last calzone at Joe's.

The all-important step of packing the leftover calzone for the trip.

One last picture with Mom and Dad.

Matthew goes back to being a soldier. Mom goes home to cry.


Mossback Meadow said...

"I have a personaly policy that nobody cries alone in my presence." -- Dolly Parton in Steel Magnolias.

Wish you were my neighbor. I'd share a box of tissues with you, cause I"m a little weepy myself.

Elephantschild said...

::pat, pat, pat:: Sniff. You both could weep on my shoulder except that I'm shorter than Melody and I'm not sure Mossback Meadow *reach* my shoulder at the moment. Maybe by Wednesday? We hope?

Elephantschild said...

And I'm apparently short on vowels today, too.