Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Farm Report

Still recovering here, our main farm work will be observing it through the kitchen window.

The main observance is that there is still much water to be drained from the yard. Bolda's Barnyard, a neighboring landscaper, was here the other day to offer guidance. His plan was to install a culvert, but he had a concern. Seems it might not be entirely legal to drain our pastures into our pond. Now, they drain there naturally. But, with a culvert, it might look like we directed it there. That might not be a problem now, but in the future, should we decide to sell, we might have to tear it all out. So calls need to be made to the county departments that deal with such things. Aggravating, since, as I said, that's the natural flow of the water, anyway.

And today Matthew will head back to Ft. Hood. He's been on leave for a month, spending some time here and some in California with his girlfriend. He leaves in the early afternoon and we will miss him.

Then we'll be the parents of an only child. It seems odd, having had as many as 10 people at our dinner table only 6 months ago, to be having only 3 in the coming months. But, such is life.

Well, best get on with it.

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Laura said...

We still have two of ours at home and a foster child....but sometimes it is just three of us, or two...and it does seem so weird. I love all the chatter that goes with lots of people around the table...I try a savor the time when all of them are around....which is becoming less and less. It is hard moving on to that next stage.