Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Best Laid Plans

WAAY back last December, we bought a horse for Mary. Because of some silliness by family members who will remain nameless, the horse is in Wyoming, waiting to be traded with a cow that is in our pasture. Mary has been so patient, (NOT!) waiting for the golden day when she could put hands on her horsey. This weekend is set for the trade.

I was all set to blog a blow-by-blow, mile-by-mile account of the transfer. Ranchwife and her family would be meeting me and mine in Iowa, at the home of Chocolot. We would share some good fun and time with each other, then bring our respective animals back to their new homes.

But, as the saying says, "Men plan, God laughs." And he is sure rolling on the floor right now. He sent 24" of snow to Wyoming earlier this week, and another 6" today. I hear Sioux City, close to Chocolot's, is also being hit with much of the dandruff of global warming.

So, Ranchwife called after lunch and said, "I don't see how this is going to happen." I agreed, although she said she'd hold off on deciding until tomorrow morning, in deference to my little girl's sore little heart. But I don't see how it's going to happen.

Mary has taken to her bed in despair. I am trying to figure out what to do with 2 batches of cinnamon rolls and one of chocolate chip cookies. OBVIOUSLY, I could EAT them. DUH. But that would not be wise. So, into the freezer they will go, in hopes of thawing next weekend.

-sigh- Figures.


Melanie said...

But, but, but, just because you can't bring Mary's horse home doesn't mean you can't come see us!

I am so very bummed. :o(


Kristi said...

Tom says thatFedex delivers overnight.

Cheryl said...

Oh, no. I'm so sorry, Mary.

Betsy said...

Mary...hang in there dear! It'll happen. I think your mum just wanted an excuse to bake. Won't her truck drive in 2 feet of little snow flakes?


Wendi said...

Guess I'm behind on reading your blog! My truck CAN drive in two feet of snowflakes, but my Belgian team does a LOT better! Today, Monday, the day we WOULD have been returning from Iowa is another day best spent at home. More snow. Not as much accumulation, though. The beef cows get turned back out tomorrow as sun is supposed to return and chiniook winds have melted much of the accumulation from last week. Marys horsey is definitly looking forward to warmer digs!