Monday, March 30, 2009

It's A Boy! And A Boy!

Arya, Mary's 2 year-old Saanen doe, gave birth to twins this afternoon. As usual for our goats, she needed no midwifery. We missed the birth--always a bummer--and found the kids when we went outside to feed this afternoon.

This little darling, the younger of the two, wanted his first meal before his legs were fully functional!

Yep, quite the sucking reflex on the little dude.

Mary had to be fair and pick up big brother, too.

She would have preferred girls. After all, in the dairy world, girls are the bomb. Have you ever heard of a HIMD? No. It's a HERD, right? But they ARE awfully cute.

The older one is named Coyote; the younger, Wolf.


Betsy said...

Does Mary have her horse yet???

Elephantschild said...

Oh, gosh. There may be nothing cuter on this earth than a baby goat!

Melody said...

Betsy; No, the horse will hopefully be retrieved this weekend. I pointed out to her that if we had gone to get the horse, we would not have been home for this birth, as we intended to be home sometime tonight. It didn't help.

EC; No, there isn't. Baby animals are unilaterally adorable, but I think goats are the hands-down cutest! Even Jack Russell terrier puppies, being about the size of a Beanie Baby when they're ready to come home, aren't this cute!

Michelle said...

Awww! Love it!

We were very fortunate last year - we visited a friend of mine who had many goats due. The girls and I got to see a baby goat as it was being born. That was a very fun experience!

Wendi said...

Okay... I can't stand the guilt anymore! If the roads are bad this weekend, I'm gonna RIDE that horsey to Mary's house!

-Ranchwife - wondering if the cow is broke to ride....

Melody said...

No need to feel guilty! She's just being a 14 year-old who doesn't realize that she's learning patience! Can I get a witness; this will help her when she 41+ weeks pregnant, right?

Shurt'ugal'sPost said...

I"m offended, being talked about like this.Ranchwife: I don't know, why don't you try to put a saddle on Betsy? Then you could have Clara train her and have the world's first saddle broke cow :D:D:D:D