Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Fun, including Furlough and Farm and Fleet!

John is home today. This is one of those furlough days; he doesn't go to work, and doesn't get paid, either. We're doing farm stuff today.

We began our day with a walk and a talk with our neighbors. Marty and Nicole are both Air Force Reservists, and both just returned from separate deployments. It's good to see them up on the hill, and to see their For Sale sign come down! No, they didn't sell! That's the good part. We would miss them.

UPS pulled in shortly before we headed out to Farm and Fleet. A package arrived from Lodge. It had no packing slip or any other identification, so I called Lodge to see if they could tell me who had sent it. Mary said it was one of my stalkers; she was right! As I waited, I checked the mailing label again. Seeing that the sender had used my legal name, and since I knew only one person in the world (besides the IRS) calls me by my name, I realized my dad had sent me the deep skillet that has been on my wish list for some time now. Thanks, Papa!

And since I picked up Four Season Harvest this afternoon, it seems that all my wishes have been fulfilled! Oh, wait. There's that "touch of sanity" thing.

We've moved the pigs to new digs today; they'll be excavating the cowshed for a couple of weeks. John and Matthew have started on the fencing for the horse pasture. Mary did some dishes. I have been mowing the lawn. It's time for a coffee break!

Oh, before she did the dishes, Mary played with Wakiya for a bit. The following video is of her longing the horse into our pond. Horse people; both the horse and Mary survived. Mary had fun. The horse looked like she did, too. Should we do this again? And are we reading the body language correctly; did the horse have fun?


Wendi said...

I've seen Wakiya do this on her own in the pond at our house. She is definitely doing it for fun!

Shurt'ugal'sPost said...

Well, that's good. At least I"m not putting her through torture :) And I was longing her right, right? You should've seen my dad's reaction to it. "Mary,...I'm not sure you should be doing that..."

Wendi said...

Well, dear, in a 13 second video, and only a quarter of a circle, it's tough to say if you were longing her correctly. But hey, she went around you. Looked like you could have har a little more line out to her, lest you fall face first in the pond. Hope you Mom get's THAT on video! ;-)