Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday Report

Another Saturday. Pretty pathetic. I talked to a few people this morning, and it seems everyone has Memorial Day plans except us. We'll smoke a brisket tomorrow, and head over to the Memorial Day observance on Monday. Otherwise, it's fencing and farm things. Maybe I'll get the garden in...

Today Mary is again taking Wakiya to the "beach." This time my horse, Hope, tagged along. Now Hope, in general, dislikes water. She hates getting her little feeties wet, and taking her through any wet ground Today is warm, though, and that may have made a difference. She went into the pond. Mary led her, but she went in. We were a little nervous because Wakiya followed her of her own accord. That left Mary in the water with two 1100+ pound animals. She handled it well, though.

For her part, Wakiya was very accommodating. She gave Hope lessons in water fun!

Hope responded by swimming further in and then getting up on shore. No video for that; Mary was concerned, and I put down the camera, just. In. Case. Which means I missed a cute shot of Wakiya rolling in the pond. But that's OK; just as she finished, Hope, um, well, what she did would have closed down a public swimming pool, if you get my drift. You didn't want to see that, did you?

But she stayed in and practiced the lesson Wakiya had taught her, adding some of her own water fun, too.

But enough was enough for her, as you saw. She headed out and Mary and Wakiya returned. Here are the bathing beauties;

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Elephantschild said...

"We got a floaterr!!!! Everybody outta the pooool! Noooooowwww!"