Friday, May 29, 2009


Today we woke up, opened the windows, and saw cattle grazing on the front lawn of the Marriott. Yep--it's Texas! Pictures tomorrow; I neglected to get them today.

We hit WalMart. We always hit the hot spots on vacation. I had my nails done; toes and fingers! Mary did, too. She got flowers on hers. I did not. We also picked up things for breakfast. $9.95 for breakfast buffet is way overpriced when you're a cereal and fruit family!

Lunch was at Johnny Carino's. 25 of us ate lunch! It was a fun reunion.

Tonight was fajita buffet at an outdoor restaurant, swimming for the kids and the hotel bar for the moms and dads. The buffet was the rehearsal dinner. Across the patio John saw a face and said, "That looks a lot like Scott," a guy we know from our church. I said, "That's because it is Scott." He'd been invited by the groom. So we said hi and confused a few people who couldn't figure out how we knew each other.

Don't worry about us. We're eating and drinking more than we should!

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SuzyQ said...

Sounds like your busy busy but having fun.