Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quiet Day

About three hours after I took that peaceful picture yesterday, I got into a saddle atop the horse on the right. As soon as my feet left the ground, but before I was safely in the saddle, she headed swiftly to the southeast. I headed swiftly to the north. As a result, I have been spending today popping ibuprofen and applying ice to my back. I'm feeling better as the day goes on.

But it has made for a quiet day. We ventured out to buy hay, halibut and coffee. We discovered that the Woodstock Farmers' Market is open for the season. We tried to learn to factor polynomials; well, I tried to teach it. No one was trying to learn...We napped. Horses are again free-ranging.

Oh--major news. #2 son, Matthew, currently living in Texas, but soon to move to Oklahoma, announced this weekend his intention to marry Miss Keri Miller of California on the 4th of July. Here in Illinois, at our church. Reception to be held in our backyard. I'm thinking there won't be very many quiet days for a while!


Evan said...

Congratulations to Matthew and Keri!

Cheryl said...

So would that be the same horse my daughter fell off of Sunday? (She popped some ibuprofen, too.)

By the way, July 4, 1985 was the date my beloved proposed to me.

Let me know if you need some wedding help, okay?

Betsy said...


If he is moving to the Norman, Oklahoma City area let me know. That is where my oldest son and his family live and I go there a lot. I'll be glad to take some homemade food to your son some or help out any way I can.

It's a four hour drive for me but I do go a lot.


Melody said...

He'll be in Lawton. You are so terrific to offer!

Mossback Meadow said...

Oh Melody - we're getting too old to comfortably fall off horses. Hope you feel better soon.

Oooooooooklahoma (can't say it without singing it) - that's good! Closer to mom.