Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pro-Life Corner

Lutherans for Life strives to connect moms to the promises of God's presence in Christ--the presence of His power and forgiveness to teenage moms, the presence of His love and comfort to moms who have miscarried, the presence of His love, comfort and forgiveness to those moms who have aborted, the presence of His hope for all the above, and His presence to help yet-to-be moms who see the importance of chastity and marriage. Obviously, helping moms is not all we do. But when you help moms you've gone a long way in promoting the sanctity of human life. Join LFL in thanking God for moms and celebrating motherhood! Join us in praying for moms so that more moms, like Mary and Elizabeth, will know of the presence of God in Christ no matter what their circumstances.

Rev. Dr. James I. Lamb, executive director for Lutherans For Life

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