Thursday, August 13, 2009

Road Trip!

I mentioned a road trip. I suppose it was more of a field trip.

My cousin in Iowa has a daughter who is a little younger than I. OK, much younger, but old enough to have a daughter the same age as Mary. She and Sophia are actually three weeks apart in age. Sophia came for a visit of a little more than a week. It was a great visit; we did fun things and all enjoyed each others' company, but, like all good things, had to come to an end. So Nola and I met in Rock Falls, IL, for lunch and a kid handoff.

While Sophia was here, she joined us at the fair. We saw the Harry Potter exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

And we visited Ronald Reagan's boyhood home in Dixon, IL.

They actually said the words, "Who is Ronald Reagan?" NOW I feel old. They found out who he was.

We did some shopping, some swimming, some just-plain-laziness, and some cleaning, too.

We visited Dixon just before the handoff. That occurred over lunch at a lovely deli in Rock Falls, Arthur's Garden Deli. Homemade-style food and good company! Nothing like it!

Next week Mary and I will hit the road again, to visit The Ranchwife and her crew. Stay tuned!

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Caitlin said...

Everybody sensible knows that Harry has much more "mmm" than Draco. :P