Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lather, Rinse, Repeat, Part 2

Today we discuss further adventures in housewifery.

Yeah, OK, I lost about 2/3 of my readers, but, thanks to you for staying on!

In the "lather, rinse, repeat" files, we have Hunting and Gathering. Or, grocery shopping. Again, I spend countless hours planning meals, compiling lists, and heading out to do battle with the crowds and the checkbook. It's not pretty, and I have to do it again, week after week. The checkbook is complaining loudly these days. It's been going through some very lean times, even famine. Of late, however, it's been adequately nourished.

This gives me a little space to fill up our tanks, too. The pantry was looking a little spare. And the second pantry was bare. I like to keep about 3 of our most-used items on stock at a time. One stays in the pantry; two in the second pantry. They're both looking fat and sassy these days.

And that's a good thing, because you never know when the swine flu or the avian flu or the next disease of the week is going to strike and make us want to stay home.

Today it's razor blades and baking supplies and some paper products and animal feeds. I'll be gone about 3 hours, but I'll come back stocked up for a bit. If only I had done this yesterday, when it was grey, yes, but dry. Today I'll be dodging raindrops in the parking lot. My new coiffure (more on that later) will look a bit ratty. But we'll have beet pulp and dog food and garlic powder! We won't have to eat Robin's minstrels, but there will still be much rejoicing.


Elephantschild said...

I've got to stock up myself. We're good on canned chicken and tuna and pasta for a while, but our toilet paper backlog needs a boost.

Melody said...

Yeah, I was just putting away the (new) paper towels and noticed the TP is pretty far back in the cabinet...shoulda bought some!

Kris said...

Yay. That was me with my rejoicing.