Thursday, October 15, 2009

More on the Hunting and Gathering

Unlike some bloggers, I do not sort my blog posts into categories. This leaves me ample opportunity to forget whether I blogged on a certain topic, and then bore you with a rerun. So if this is one, I know I should apologize up front, but I'm just too doggone tired from my H&G day.

While out stocking my pantry shelves today, I thought of something that my public-minded self just has to share. If you get the swine flu, or avian flu, or the creepy-crawly-whatevers this year, especially with a sore throat, try my sure-fire cure. Brew a Tazo Zen teabag plus a Tazo Wild Sweet Orange teabag in a LARGE mug. Add some honey and drink, preferably in front of a "comfort movie" (think comfort food on film) under a nice, fleecy throw. A wood fire helps, too. This puppy is like magic on that raw, scratchy throat. A little rum in there couldn't hurt, either.

Oh, and if you should head out hunting and gathering, and your favorite place is like mine, 18 (.1) miles away, please do yourself a favor and check to see that, somewhere on your person, you are carrying cash. Or, at the very least, a debit card, or even the checkbook. My public-minded self just had to share that one, too.

You learn something new every day!

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