Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Farm Report

Today was quite the day on the farm. It started out cold, wet and windy. It ended sunny and bright. In between...

I went out this morning to pick up milk at the dairy. One of the major rules there is "Don't be there when the milk hauler comes." In Illinois, it is perfectly legal to buy raw milk from the farmer, at the farm. The only difficulty is that the farmers sign agreements with the dairies that they won't do that. So I kinda have to sneak in and out; I usually do that when they're doing chores, so I can get a chance to chit chat with the farmers. It's that whole buying-local-build-a-relationship thing. Today they were gone, because I got there kinda late. Late enough that, just as I filled my first jar, I heard the milk truck drive in. What followed was a lot like those sitcoms where the boy has to be smuggled out of the girlfriend's room. I tossed my empty jars in a corner, shut off and covered the milk tank, grabbed my full bottle, and went out the back door, into the barn. From the barn, I watched him go into the milk house. Then I got into my car and made my escape.

It was nothing like James Bond. It wasn't even anything like Inspector Clouseau! But I will say that an adrenaline rush in the morning is quicker than caffeine!

After that excitement, nothing else would ;measure up. So I spent the rest of the day cleaning out closets. Woo hoo! But I did get them done, and my house tidied up, just in time for dinner guests.

So the rest of the night was homemade pizza and brownies, delicious wine and coffee, and good friends.

Just another day in Paradise.


Elisha said...

I love your Saturday Farm reports. There never seems to be a dull moment around your place. Hope you get a chance to go get rest of your milk!

Wanna come clean out my closets? I am trying to get ready for a craft fair and so many other tasks are being tossed to the side while I build and paint and craft things.

Have a great week.

Wendi said...

How come I can get such a CLEAR mental picture of your adventure??? All I can say is, "I shoulda been there!" :-)