Monday, December 28, 2009

The 4th Day of Christmas

I am waiting for my 4 collie birds. I know, I know, you always sing "calling." But it's really "collie."

Way back in college, never mind how long ago that was, a friend and I gave our favorite professor (he taught Sedimentology; look that one up!) a Christmas card that included the carol with the lyric "collie." We all talked about the collie/calling thing, and he did the research. Turns our "collie" refers not to the dogs, but to the color of the birds. They were meant to be black as in, coal--ie. So now you have another useless piece of trivia rattling around in your head!

This week John is rattling around the farm with us, thanks to an annual factory shut-down which also keeps the engineers home. It'll be a challenge for all of us, as he knows how the farm should really be run, doncha know? But it'll be fun, too. Today is a trip to see Sherlock Holmes.

I am also waiting, along with those birds, for my desktop computer to be functional again. We can't figure out what happened, but it looks as though the video card just decided to quit. Or maybe it's something else; it's acting that flakily. So John is working on that while I blog on my laptop. It looks like we'll be making a trip to Best Buy tonight for some component or another!

Monday, Monday....

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Elephantschild said...

My Dh is home this week, for a similar sort of thing. They semi-shut down each year during this week. It's great to have him home!