Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Fun

Well, we may be nuts, but we're getting a puppy tomorrow. Mary has been wanting a Border collie, and we'd been looking into it. I mentioned it to the 4H leader, who has a couple. She told me her brother was thinking of breeding his Border. We went on the short list for puppies, although we knew it probably wouldn't happen until May-ish.

About mid-November, she told us he had decided against breeding her. We were sad, but not for long. About mid-December, she told us that Tana had had puppies. Seems she shares living space with a male mutt (half Lab, half pit bull) and it had become apparent that they had shared more then living space...

So we talked, and Mary thought a free puppy who was only half Border would be OK. Tomorrow, this little girl

will be joining our family. We usually try to pick up puppies in March or April, when the weather is better. It's nasty cold now, so training her is going to be uncomfortable. (But I don't have to worry about that this time, do I?) Then again, no matter how nice Puppy Pick-up Day has been, there's always blustery cold and snow or sleet for the next three days or so. So, weather be damned, we'll have a new puppy tomorrow!

Her name? that's a good question. Mary has gone through about 27 of them in the past few weeks. Just when we think she's settled on one, she says, "Nah. That's no good." We'll keep you posted on that one!

(Any suggestions? The front-runners have been Sky, ("That's really for a black Border collie) Sadie, ("Nah.") Anna, ("Maybe.") Annie, ("NO WAY!") and Fly "(I don't know...")

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Elephantschild said...

Borders should have practical, working, non-fussy names.

Skip. Booger. You-girl.