Saturday, January 30, 2010


Her name is Skye.

Like a good girl, after we picked her up, she went shopping. We took her grocery shopping (she and Mary stayed in the car) and to WalMart, where she picked out some toys and was asked to leave. You can't take a dog into WalMart, even one wrapped in a towel and carried. Who knew?

She came home and tried a snack,

but she was too excited to eat, and also too busy meeting new friends.

She met Four Socks, who lifted her paw. The claws were retracted and she did not hiss. She handled meeting Skye with far more grace than any other new animals she's met since she's lived here!

Skye met Henry, who has been worried about her all night. After all we leave her in her crate at times, and she cries. He does not like that at all. He barks at us.

Guinness was too worried about his supper to pay much attention to her at first.

{Should be an adorable video of Guinness jumping repeatedly up to counter height to get a glimpse of his dinner being prepared. But it worked unreliably, so I deleted it!}

She comes from decent bloodlines on her mom's side, with Scottish grandparents! (Och, aye lassie!) She is named for herself but we learned, from her mom's pedigree, that she is also named after her great-grandmother. Although she has a cozy crate set up in Mary's room, the girls are sharing a bed tonight. Let's see how long that lasts as I think she's going to be a pretty big lassie!


Cheryl said...

It looks like she is fitting right in! BTW, I tried to watch the video but got a message that it was "currently unavailable."

Melody said...

Hmmm....I watched it just fine. Anyone else having troubles??

Julee said...

Cute puppy!!

Jurnie said...

played perfect here on both comps

Caitlin said...