Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fresh From the Henhouse

Egg #1, at the top of the picture is a normal-sized egg with one yolk that came out of our henhouse this morning. It was made into scrambled eggs with extra-sharp cheddar cheese, and was very tasty.

The dollar bill, at the bottom, is approximately 6" long.

Egg #2, in the middle, came out of our henhouse this morning too. It had two yolks. It was, by far, the largest chicken egg I've seen. It was blown out, so Mary can save it for posterity, and its yolks will be mixed into supper for Henry, Guinness and Skye.

Somewhere out there is a very (understandably so) sore and grumpy chicken!

1 comment:

Elephantschild said...

OUCH! Maybe you should take a tube of Preparation H out there for the poor lady.