Monday, March 29, 2010

It Was Supposed to Be "All About Me..."

I had a plan for a post. I decided Monday would be "All About Me Day," and I would start using Mondays to toot my own horn. After all, Monday is crummy anyway, so I figured you might like reading about someone else's (mine!) troubles or thoughts, you know, get out of yourself and your misery a bit.

But then my darling daughter (and I really mean that) posted a bit of a rant on her blog. Yeah, she whined and complained a bit, but she made several really good points. So I decided to link you to that post, which is here. Take a gander. Her writing seems to be getting better everyday. I can't take any credit for it; she's self-taught! But she is a smart sweetie, and her post is worth a read. Enjoy!

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Elephantschild said...

It was indeed a very good post.